Friday, September 19, 2008

Week in Review

Amir Taheri's account of Obama's meeting with Iraqis about a strategic forces move turns out to be different than that of other attendees at the meeting.

Shot Fired: Miss

Macomb County GOP chair John Carabelli allegedly says the gop will challenge voters at the polls with home forclosures. Carabelli back peddled on his denial. Obama team pounced by filing a lawsuit in Michigan.

Shot Fired: Miss

Human Events still is not correcting its "Obama Plumbers" story despite attempts by Steve Diamond.

Stupid Shot Fired: Miss

Remedy for the week: prayer or boos. A little bit of both won't hurt. Sports are good too. Go Cubs. Bear Down.

Next week: Sunday morning show economic kumbaya session. It's bipartisan so expect it to dominate media coverage.

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