Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Malkin: American Issues Project in the clear

Eh, not quite. Michelle Malkin is citing a report from a confidential source that claims the DoJ's director of Election Crimes Branch in DOJ’s Public Integrity Section, Craig Donsanto, told a private forum that they would not pursue cases against individual donors. Malkin links this to American Issues Project.

This is a mistake. AIP is incorporated as a 501(c)4. It can engage in political and lobbying activity, but these expenditures cannot exceed more than 50% of its budget. Donsanto's comments are relative to 527 organizations.

The 527 is a 2 year operation that soon dissolves after an election. The scene changes based on the election and thus the objectives alter with it. The 527 is then a born again political operation. The same sources of funding will be there.

A 501(c)4 isn't a fly by night operation. AIP will have to produce more expenditures so that it's political and lobbying budget does not exceed 50% of its expenditures. It's still really early. I don't have a clue as to what AIP will be spending money to do. My friends left of the center don't have any idea either. So how can they write to the DoJ to file a complaint?

Lets recognize political desperation for what it is.

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