Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama isn't raising money from corporate America

Don't hate the player. Hate the game. Well the players are part of corporate America. The Obamas may encourage you to avoid corporate America, but they're more than happy if it supplies funds to their campaign.

From Lynn Sweet's recent post on Team Obama's list of private events.
9/9/08 - Chicago, IL
The home of Steven Koch
6:30pm - Reception with Senator Biden

The home of Barbara Manilow

7:30pm - Dinner with Senator Biden
Dinner/Reception: $5,000, $1,000
That wouldn't be the home of investment banker Steven Koch of Credit Suisse would it?
Steven Koch is a Vice Chairman and Co-Chairman of Credit Suisse's Mergers and Acquisitions Group, based in Chicago. He is a member of the Americas Advisory Council, the Chairman's Board of the Investment Banking division, and the Investment Banking Committee.
Oh lord. I guess if you're ALREADY in corporate America you're A-OK with the Obamas.

Reaction: Jim Geraghty chimes in with a prescient take.

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